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South Bay Body Work

Orthopedic and Sports Massage

Neil Camero, CMT aims to get you in top condition whether for work, sport, or life in general. Muscles not in their normal resting length do not have full potential for contractility or elasticity resulting in poor athletic performance, poor posture, and pain & injury.

Self-Care: massage, stretching, & strengthening

Maintain the benefits of Orthopedic & Sports Massage long after your session as Neil teaches you a simple self-massage with a foam roller, and Active Isolated Stretching with a rope that can be done as quickly as 5 minutes a day. A personal trainer can then help with strengthening the weak/overstretched muscles.

Balance muscles and align bones

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques are used to decrease density, tension, and/or trigger points in the tight/hypertonic muscles, and stimulate tone in the opposing weak/overstretched muscles.

  • Too much muscle tone pulls bone out of alignment causing poor posture, and restrictions in movement while wasting energy, and releasing metabolic wastes (e.g. lactic acid).
  • Trigger Points (or knots) are patches of contracted muscle fibers which are painful to the touch because it is essentially holding its breath - starving itself of blood and oxygen.
  • Weak/overstretched muscles become prone to strain and cry out in pain as it attempts to hold itself back from tearing away from its attachments.

Improve mobility and
retrain nervous system

Active-assisted stretching such as Muscle Energy Technique, and Active Isolated Stretching are both used to increase tissue elasticity, pump circulation, and retrain the nervous system.

  • You learn by doing (e.g. instrument, or dance). Doing one repetition doesn't stimulate proper motor control, as is performed in traditional static stretching, nor does lying passive on a massage table. Flexibility without control of range results in overstretching, and injury.
  • With each repetition held for as little as 2 seconds, as is performed in Active Isolated Stretching, you'll be happy to know that every degree of range gained is yours to move.
  • As injury heals, the nervous system does not know it is healed until you introduce the repetitions of movement that tells the body it is okay to move in that range pain free.
South bay Body Work
Authorized Center
Authorized Center for BIOFREEZE
Contact Information
Phone: Neil Camero (310) 709-1712
Address: 4343 Spencer Str,
Torrance, CA 90503
(at WestEnd Racquet and Health Club)