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IM Dance Happy Studios

We are bringing DANCE program to the Club! Group and private classes for kids and adults, social and competition programs, showcases and parties! You don't have to be a member to join in!

If you are preparing for a wedding, social event, performance, or competition, we are the right studio for you! Many of our students enjoy taking our dance classes for the health benefits or simply as a hobby. We have developed a systematic structure of teaching for the beginner with two "left feet", to ensure your learning experience is enjoyable and easy to progress.

Every Little Step Dance Productions.

Social Dance

Social dancing is the act of leading and following dance elements and patterns, while reflecting the music and interacting with a partner. Let us teach you how to enjoy the art and fun of Social dancing with our many group classes or private lessons. Ar Every Little Step Dance Studio, we instruct in all the primary Social dances. Classes will build your skills and confidence, and will give you a great opportunity to develop practical experience on the floor with different partners.

Competitions Dance

Competition dancing is exactly what it sounds like. Dancers develop routines for specific dances and compete to win as the best couple in their division. There are professional categories, Pro/am competitions and even amateur levels. We work with our competitive dancers to design every aspect of their dances and performance. Here, at Every Little Step Dance Studios, we have a well-rounded group of experienced teachers and coaches to take your Competitive dancing to the winners' circle.


Exhibition dancing is a choreographed performance presented to an audience or judge(s). It may be a part of a Competition, or just the performers sharing their dancing with an audience. Because the dance is planned and rehearsed, the dancers can design every movement and expression. The goal is to keep the audience entertained, so movements and rhythms are full of beauty and expression. Exhibition dance patterns and styling are designed specifically to project well to an audience.

Contact Information
Phone1: (424) 247-8899
Address: 4343 Spencer Str,
Torrance, CA 90503
(at WestEnd Racquet and Health Club)